Idle Heroes Cheats – How to get free Gems and Gold (NO HACK)

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Hello, gamers! In today’s post we will be discussing the latest mobile game Idle Heroes. The game has received many positive reviews and is being loved by mobile gamers online. So, today we decided to provide you with some Idle Heroes Hack and Cheats. In this post, you will learn how you can get free gems and gold in Idle Heroes. Yes, you read it right! We will be providing some latest Idle Heroes tips and tricks that will help you in earning unlimited gems and gold for free! So, without any further ado let’s get started!

Stay away from Idle Heroes Hack

If you search “Idle Heroes Hack” or “Idle Heroes Cheats” on Google, you will find thousands of websites that claim to provide you with free gems and gold. All you have to do is use their Idle Heroes Gems and gold Generator tool and that’s it! Free Idle Heroes Gems and gold for lifetime, isn’t that simple? Why work hard in the game when you can just use this tool?

Well, their claims look amazing but are not true at all. If you ever see a site telling you to use their Gems and gold Generator/hack then run away from it as quickly as possible unless, you want to get scammed.

idle heroes cheats

There is no tool available on the Internet that can hack Idle Heroes and provide you with free gems and gold. All the tools that you see on various websites are fake!

So, now you know that all the Idle Heroes Hack/Idle Heroes Hack are fake! Then, what’s the way to get free gems and gold in Idle Heroes. Well, the only way to get gems and gold in Idle Heroes is following the Idle Heroes tips and tricks provided below.

Why you should stay away from Idle Heroes Generators

  • Risk of losing the account – You are not going to get even a single free gem or coin after using the Idle Heroes Hack. Instead, you might lose your account. These hacks will ask you for your information like Username, App Store ID, Platform on which you are playing the game etc. Using this information they can hack your in-game account. So, beware!
  • You should not cheat in general – Even if there is a working Idle Heroes hack you should not use it. It’s against the rules of the game and will ruin the experience for other legit gamers.
  • You will waste your time and mobile data – These hack tools will ask you to complete their “Human Verification Step”. In order to complete the verification you will have to download an app or two on your mobile and use them for 30 seconds each. Even after doing all this, you will not be provided with free gems and gold in Idle Heroes.

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Idle Heroes Tips – The only legit way of getting free gems and gold!

Watch Video Ads

This is the easiest way of getting 100 free gems daily in Idle Heroes. All you need to do is watch in-game ads and you will keep earning gems without having to play much. But the problem with Video Ads is that you have to completely watch them for 30 seconds in order to receive your gems.

Well, we have a solution for you. Just start the ad, watch it for a second or two and then close the Idle Heroes game (force close by pressing the home button of your mobile device). As soon as you open the game again, you will find 20 gems in your mailbox ready to be retrieved.

Use Apps like AppBounty, CashforApps, FreeMyApps etc.

Apps like AppBounty can be used to earn free Google Play or App Store credits. All you have to do is complete few offers and surveys. In return of completing these surveys you will gifted with credits. These credits can be redeemed for a Google Play or AppStore Gift Card.

idle heroes hack

After redeeming the Gift Card you can purchase any in-game items in Idle Heroes game. It’s as simple as that! Instead of wasting your time on fake Idle Heroes hack, you should give these apps a try.

This method works best for people living in US, UK, CA, FR etc. as these countries have greatest number of offers and surveys.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is an app by Google. In order to earn free gems in Idle Heroes, all you have to do is download Google Opinion Rewards from Google PlayStore and answer some easy questions and surveys. After the completion of the survey you will gifted some Google PlayStore credits. You can use these credits to buy free gems and gold in Idle Heroes game.

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Final Words

I hope that you have finally got the answer to “How to earn free gems and gold in Idle Heroes?”. I will repeat, never trust on fake Idle Heroes hacks and cheats. They never work. We tried more than 10 idle heroes cheats online and none of them gave us the desired results. But after trying Apps like AppBounty, CashforApps etc. we have finally earned some free gems and gold in Idle Heroes. For more tips, tricks, hacks, and cheats keep following TipoTrickz. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and other Idle heroes players. Thanks for reading!


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