Fortnite Parent Review – Is it good for your kids?

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Is your child spending hours playing Fortnite? Are you worried about his/her health and social life? If yes, then this post is just for you! Today in this post we are going to do a Fortnite Parent Review. We will tell you whether you should let your kids play this game or not and what kind of mental effect it can have on your kids. So, without any further ado let’s get started!

Fortnite Parent Review – Gameplay

This game has really eye catchy animations and graphics. All the characters look like cartoons and there is only a little amount of violence when it comes to combats. Even combats are very cartoonish. There is absolutely no blood and gore at all. On top of that, the building feature enhances the creativity and thinking abilities of your child. Your child will be challenged to think strategically in order to be the last one standing. This will develop a healthy competitive mindset in your kids. The ESRB Rating of this game is ‘Teen’ which means it is suitable for any person over thirteen years of age.

fortnite parent review

The squad or duo play mode makes your kid work in teams which develops his/her teamworking. When a teammate gets knocked out the players can revive him and provide him with medications. Players can also interact with each other and develop strategies to win the game together. In my opinion, this is a great way of developing communication skills and teamwork.

In addition to the combats, killing other players and being the last one standing, there is a lighter side of the game too. We are talking about the dance moves and skins. Let’s look at them.

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Dance Moves

The game has really funny dance moves that you can buy from the in-game market. These dance moves are used by the players to mock their enemies after killing them. These moves are pretty funny and add a pinch of humor to the game. Epic games keep introducing new dance moves to the game and takes advise from the community to help them decide the next dance moves that should be added.

fortnite parent review

Skins and Costumes

Players can buy costumes for their characters which make them shine out from everybody else. These costumes are available in the in-game market and can be bought for cheap prices. Not only costumes, they can also buy different kinds of parachute bags and weapons and enjoy playing with them.

As you can conclude from the above-given information, the game is pretty harmless for your kids if played in moderation. But how to control your kids playing time and prevent them from getting addicted to this game? Let’s find out.

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How to prevent addiction to Fortnite?

The developers of this game have made this game really addictive. The mechanism of this game is what makes this game addictive. The sense of achievement releases a hormone called ‘Dopamine’ in our brain. It’s the same hormone that is released while eating your favorite food or doing something thrilling. Dopamine is a really addictive hormone. Winning the game and getting a ‘Victory Royale’ gives your kids a sense of achievement which leads to secretion of Dopamine.

fortnite parent review

On the top of that, fortnite provides your kid a social experience. They can play with their friends and even strangers from all over the world. When these two are combined with great graphics and a pinch of sense of humor the game becomes really addictive. This is something all game developers know about. So, what can you do as a parent to prevent your kids from getting addicted to games like Fortnite? Next, in our Fortnite Parent review, we will tell you about some steps you can take to prevent gaming addiction in your kids. So, let’s read about them.

Steps to take

  1. Excess of everything is bad. That’s why deciding play hours for your kid can help in preventing them from getting addicted. 1-2 hours of gaming every day is harmless. But anything above that can be alarming.
  2. Tell your kids to address the priorities first. Allow them to play the game only after they finish their homework, or complete the other chores that are more important than the game.
  3. Reward them when they abide by the rules. As I mentioned above, this game has skins and dance moves which can be purchased from the in-game market. When your kids follow the rules you can award them by buying these in-game dance moves and costumes. This will associate following the rules with a good memory in their sub-conscious brain and they will follow the rules more easily.
  4. An addict never knows that he is addicted. Talk to your kid and inform them about the dangers of gaming addiction. The World Health Organization has classified gaming addiction as a mental disorder. Talk with your kids about the harmful effects of gaming addiction.
  5. Play with your kids if possible. Trust me your kids will love to teach you about how to play this game. Play at least one game with your kids if possible. By playing with your kids you will learn more about the game. Also, your kids will not see you as a ‘fun killer’.

So, that’s it for our post on Fortnite Parent Review. Stay tuned for more posts on gaming tips, trick, and news. Thanks for reading.

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